Seasons in the Sun …

phubbingToday I had the privilege of taking my two girls and two of their friends to the park to play in the springtime sun. I thought that while they were¬†burning off energy, I could maybe catch up on a few texts to people I needed to catch up with. I should have known better – four under sevens have a tendency to go in four different directions all at the same time once within the park arena, all wanting to be pushed higher, faster, lifted up, helped down, spun around and goodness knows what else! In fairness, we all had a great time, although I didn’t get any texting done and I was exhausted both mentally and physically ūüôā

Just a few moments ago, I was responding to an invite¬†on Facebook when I noticed another post posted by another friend by 4 Little Furgusons, which I was so impressed with that I’ve reproduced here in full: Continue reading

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UK Minority Status

CornwallToday, the UK government is to recognise Cornwall as a separate identity and status, along with our other Celtic communities of Welsh, Scots and Irish (BBC News website). Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander will make the historic announcement later today when he visits the county.

Communities Minister Stephen Williams added: “This is a great day for the people of Cornwall who have long campaigned for the distinctiveness and identity of the Cornish people to be recognised officially.¬†The Cornish and Welsh are the oldest peoples on this island and as a proud Welshman I look forward to seeing St Piran’s Flag flying with extra Celtic pride on 5 March next year.”

The UK government also announced it would be investing £120,000 into the Cornish Language Partnership to promote and develop the language.

Along with the Welsh, the Cornish were the first¬†inhabitants of this island, gradually becoming a ‘minority’ through a series of foreign invasions, where ultimately the English are now the vast majority in the UK, so much so that the term ‘England’ is often used synonymously to encompass¬†Britain and all its minority communities, by many living both here and abroad.

Today, Christians also have a UK minority status. Growing up, I always assumed I was a Christian because¬†I grew up in the UK. Then in 1995 I was rudely informed that I was in fact a ‘non-Christian’. This was a mega shock to the Dorey system, but thankfully very¬†soon, I came to know what being a Christian was really about – a person¬†who follows Jesus and recognises Him as Lord and Saviour. Continue reading

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Smiley OrchidA friend of mine just posted this picture of an orchid on Facebook and it reminded me of just how wonderful, how¬†amazing, and how¬†God’s Creation is!

Okay, this may be my shortest blog post in history, but as they say, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’!

For those of us who know Jesus, we have a lot to smile about!

So smile and be blessed, and who knows, by letting someone else see your smile, you may become a blessing too ūüôā

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Looking from above …

photograph-from-aboveThis week it has been my great privilege to do some storytelling in local schools in and around Pontypridd. Today I was in Ysgol Evan James, the Welsh speaking primary school where my two daughters attend. During one of the children’s break times I was looking from one of the upper floors down into the nursery playground where my youngest daughter was playing, completely unaware that I was looking at her from above. This was an amazing experience for me because I got to see her completely outside our usual family arena, playing and interacting with other children, completely at home and oblivious of my presence. Continue reading

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Conscious Uncoupling …

Paltrow DivorceToday’s headlines are filled with the somewhat unusual term ‘Conscious Uncoupling’, detailing the sad end of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s marriage. As a divorcee myself (since remarried), I would say that divorce is one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make, the ramifications of regret still living with me even 20 years later.

It is a sad fact that marriages are falling apart at an unprecedented rate as more of society chooses to exercise their right of free choice. Divorce in many ways often seems the easier option for one or both parties rather than trying to reconcile their differences and rediscover the love that both parties both had (although of course I recognise that there are many exceptions to this, especially in abusive relationships).

But this term, ‘Conscious Uncoupling’ got me thinking about my day to day choices as a Christian and a follower of Jesus.

Continue reading

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The Lord Says ‘No’

unanswered prayerSomeone told the story yesterday of when his wife and four year old granddaughter were both ill and couldn’t come to church. The grandmother said to her granddaughter: “Why don’t you pray to the Lord and ask Him to make us better?” The granddaughter prayed solemnly¬†and then five minutes later, she¬†announced, “The Lord said, ‘No!'”

Although a humorous¬†story, there is great wisdom in this little girl’s words because sometimes, the Lord does say No. Often we may plead and grumble about our lot and our Lord’s dealings with us, but are we being reasonable in doing so? Continue reading

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A Certain Hope

nationalotteryA friend of mine was standing in the queue at a newsagents when a lady asked the newsagent about buying a Euro-millions Lottery Ticket:

Lady:¬† “How much is the jackpot this week?”

Newsagent:¬† “There’s no rollover this week, so the jackpot is only sixteen million euros.”

Lady:¬† “Oh, I don’t think I’ll bother then!”

As my friend pointed out, if sixteen million euros is not worth bothering about, how much is worth bothering about? The strange thing about the whole incident is that this lady had virtually no chance of winning the jackpot anyway, and yet more and more people are pinning their hopes on winning the lottery, almost as if they are someday bound to win! Camelot, the National Lottery operator have posted record sales of £6.5bn from hopeful Britons who dream of winning untold fortunes!

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